Online profiles in your membership software for everyone in your nonprofit
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Online profiles for everyone in your nonprofit community

Your Community Matters

Communities of people who celebrate, eat, study, and work together are perfect for membership software
Strong communities change the world.
They knit us together, lift us higher, help us believe in ourselves while creating a better future. Friends new and old taking time for service, events, study, teachings, meals, drinks, and a life together.
Membership Software by Fresh Vine is here to help your community realize your transformational mission. Our software design helps you get rooted and grow.
Let us help you change the world.

Grow Your Impact

You know the challenge.
How can you focus both on bringing in new people while caring for those you already have?
Let us help.
Member software helps you understand their journey, to help you're community grow from welcome to greater impact
Online profiles for everyone in your community

Your mission is realized through your events, volunteering, fundraising, services, emails, podcasts, groups, and more.

Fresh Vine membership software helps you delegate while keeping track of what is happening within your community from A to Z. To know who is new, plug them in, and understand their whole experience. From hello to goodbye.

Leadership Tools Make a Difference

Online profiles for everyone in your community

Your staff and volunteers are the driving force in your community. They are irreplaceable, and nothing would happen without them. We come along side each of them with our powerful membership software tool set.

Fresh Vine is designed to help you accomplish 3 primary tasks:

  1. Share key information effortlessly with your leaders
  2. Distribute managing all the data
  3. Empower your community with key data

The Features

Add Fuel to your Fire

Passion attracts people, and passionate people are capable of changing the world.
When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.
- John Wesley
Software doesn’t create passion - we know that. We do believe it can help you spread your passion out in the world while helping you effectively focus your energy. Fresh Vine online membership software is fuel you can use in your organization. It will help your collective passion burn brighter.
We want people to notice what your community is doing and catch your fire.