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"Fresh Vine meets our needs and is a pleasure to use. We love the simple interface and ease of use. We rely on volunteers to help run our systems and now we can easily do that. Plus you get every feature included for the same price, rather than tiered pricing and lots of modules."
Judson Loves Fresh Vine
Judson Bartels
Seattle, WA
"For the price Fresh Vine is unbeatable. I use the statistics & graphs to calculate and project trends in giving, attendance, and participation. It also helps track what marketing is working effectively, and which demographics we are reaching."
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Ryan Moon
Raleigh, NC
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Most nonprofits have fewer than 520 people involved in an average month.
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Tools Working Together
Every profile in Fresh Vine shows you each and every way they are involved with your organization. Pull up a profile and instantly know who's in their family, how to contact them, the events they've attended, emails they've opened, how they support you financially, and more.
No more spreading data out between email marketing tools, event registration sites, and donation records in your accounting software.
We feel your pain.
With Fresh Vine you'll stop the madness. No more copying and pasting. No more redundant spreadsheets with outdated information on 13 different laptops. Just Fresh Vine, oh beautiful Fresh Vine.
Just one clear & easy to use set of tools.
Ease of Use
The #1 requested feature of nonprofit membership software is ease of use.
When software is confusing or cumbersome your volunteers won't use it. Fresh Vine is here to get your staff, volunteers, and members on board. Our users, like your people, span from early teens well into their golden years. They can use the software because of it's balance of features and design.
It's approachable and just works.
Ease of use is not something you can add to software later. It has to be intentional from the beginning, and defended over time. Everything is a design choice. Those choices either make it easier for you to use, or push you away.
Accessible Anywhere
From Any Device
Use your computer when you’re sending an Email Campaign to your members. Use your tablet to mark people attending an event tonight. Use your phone when you bump into someone, and you need to quickly grab their contact info. Or change it up and do any of those things from any device you own.
We’ve done the work to make it easy for you.
When your membership software is online it enables your volunteers to work from home. It lets you work away from your desk. Plus we take care of your data, updates, and security. This is the rare win - win - win. A tripple win!
Designed to work on any device.
Fresh Vine is web-based and responsive.
Tailored for Nonprofits
It can be tough looking for tools on the web for your nonprofit. So much time, focus, and money gets put into tools for business. Software built for maximizing revenue and priced to match. There are some options for nonprofits. Yet many tend to be home-brewed and hacked together.
Your search ends here.
We get you. We know that your most valuable resource are your people. Anyway to better know, engage with, and understand how they are involved wins over your heart.
Everything we build passes one test:
“Does it help you understand your people?”
Every features has been specifically crafted for how you interact with your organization. A group of people on mission. You value lives engaged with your mission. Let us help you find them, keep them, and take them with you.
Let us show you what we're made of
Remember, you get all of this - and more - included with Fresh Vine.
Your people are the center of Fresh Vine.
We built the rest of the software to branch out from here. At a glance you are able to see your people from an arial-view starting with their basic contact information. Further down the overview you get a snapshot of their most recent events, emails, groups, contributions, and more. You can dive into any one of those sections for the full details and reports.
  • Every leader shares the same data
  • No limit to the number of profiles - so add them already!
    Your rate is set by you based on involvement, not list size.
  • Keep up to date contact info for individuals
  • Establish immediate family relationships
  • Sync addresses for families
  • Expand profiles with customized fields
    Dates, Partial Dates, Drop Down, Text Fields, and Yes/No
  • Profile Photos make things personal
  • Person Types help you cluster individuals
    Internal terms you use to describe groups of individuals (Members, Vistors, etc.)
  • 4 Status Levels for the lifetime of your people
    Active, Inactive, Left Community, and Deceased

Empower your leaders with what they need.
Groups are one of the clearest ways that Fresh Vine has been tailored for nonprofits. Each group has a roster of individuals picked from the organization wide list. These groups then have their own segmented events, and email campaign tools. Plus we've supercharged group events with attendance follow-up prompts. Everything that happens in a group shows up on a profile.
  • Useful for groups, teams, staff, boards, & projects
  • Empower Leaders to manage their groups
  • Group managers can oversee & manage every group.
  • Every group gets the core Fresh Vine features
    Every group gets their own Events, and Email
  • Quickly track attendance for every event
  • Follow-Up Prompts when people miss events
  • Subgroups to further break down their group members
  • Group types let you cluster together similar groups
    Examples: Service, Cohorts, Study, Outreach, Teaching
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