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As a nonprofit the most valuable part of your organization is your people. You would not exist without your staff, to your board, to your volunteers, and those you serve. For this reason your people are the center of Fresh Vine. It informs the design and ease of use all the way through our pricing and limitless approach. We help make bringing in more people a pleasure.
  • Affordable, honest, & transparent subscription pricing designed for nonprofits.
    Easily manage your own rate at anytime. We trust you that much.
  • Create as many profiles, users, emails, events, groups, services, and locations as you need.
  • Always online, accessible from anywhere, 100% encrypted traffic, and no limit on concurrent users.
  • Premium design that adapts to whatever screen you are using.
  • Carbon-neutral Servers minimize our collective footprint.
  • Updates & improvements are provided automatically and continually.
  • All your data is stored, managed, and backed up to ensure it is always available.
  • Free integrated online support. Paid phone and onsite support/training options available.
  • All your data is yours. Request a copy of your database at anytime. Data is destroyed after you end your subscription.
Everything included for every Nonprofit
Every update, upgrade, improvement and app we build is included at no additional cost.
Currently Includes:
Leaders Site
Leaders Site
Manage Everything - Designed with your Staff, Board, and Volunteers in mind
Community Portal
Community Portal
A Community Gateway to empower connections, giving, and community.
Documentation Site
Filled with instructions & resources for getting the most out of Fresh Vine.
Event Kiosk Application
Event Kiosk
A Mac & Windows desktop app to supercharge events. Self or Assisted check-in, print labels, and be awesome.
Event Kiosk Application
Supplementary site to the event kiosk. Lets your leaders register visitors, see who's checked in, look up profiles without the extra bulk of the Leader site.
Event Kiosk Application
Community Site
Connect, learn, and share with others using Fresh Vine.


People at the heart of your organization & Fresh Vine.
Your people are the center of all you do from fund raising, events, communications, and more. Those same people are the center of Fresh Vine. Everyone has their own profile giving you a quick glance of how they're involved. You can then dive deep for details of their events, emails, groups, donations, and more. The roster allows you to add customized fields, and connect families.
  • Unlimited number of profiles
  • Every leader shares the same centralized data (change it once, everyone gets the change across the entire platform)
  • Connected Immediate Family Relationships
  • Address syncing for families
  • Customized fields for profiles
  • Profile photos making things more personal
  • Person types to help you cluster individuals
    Internal terms you use to describe groups of individuals (Members, Vistors, etc.)
  • 4 Profile Status Levels
    Active, Inactive, Left Community, and Deceased
  • Overview of how each person is involved in your community
  • List and Map of entire roster
  • Filter and export roster anytime
  • Encourage involvement with the online Community Portal (includes online photo directory)
Fresh Vine as a Membership Platform

Fundraising & Donations

Making it simple to give, easy to track, & instantly report.
Your community donates their time and money - you can manage both. Online payments enter automatically while you quickly enter the rest, and assign them to specific funds. You're able to view trends, use custom templates, and provide statements. Everything you need to keep track of your donations is all in one spot.
  • Create an unlimited number of funds.
  • Accept and manage your Online Payments with one of our giving partners
  • Easily enter giving with customized giving templates
  • Associate donations with or without a Service
  • Set your contribution methods for how your organization gives
  • Use giving ID numbers for your members
  • View donation reports and trends over time
  • Create time or event based donation campaigns
  • Allow your members to view how your campaigns are coming along in the Community Portal
  • Allow your members to view their personal donation history
  • Allow your members to view and download their own year-end donation statements
  • Provide digital or print year-end statements for your members
Managing Your Donations And Fundraising

Online Payments

Seamlessly accept and manage your online payements.

You need a seamless way to accept payments online. You may also accept payments in the real world. We are not a payment processing company and have no desire to be one. Our laser focus is on making the best nonprofit membership software.

So we partner with the best payment processors working with nonprofits. Every integration allows you to take full advantage of every payment tool in Fresh Vine. It also allows you to use every product & service our partners provide. You can shop around for the right mix of services and rates for your nonprofits needs.
  • Provide people the ability to donate and pay online through Fresh Vine.
  • Giving Pages make it easy to use your stories to drive donations
  • Donations automatically sync with personal giving histories & reports.
  • Seamlessly integrates with our payment partners for easy online giving - no manual recording for you.
  • Choose the payment processor that best fits your nonprofits specific needs.
  • Quickly map funds, and donor profiles with Fresh Vine profiles to get set up quick.
Easiest Nonprofit Online Donations And Payments


Target & Send Beautiful Email Campaigns and Track their results.
Keeping your people informed can be a challenge. From maintaining your lists, updating contact information, to keeping messages branded and focused. Building a deeply integrated email campaign tool into Fresh Vine makes this dead simple. Your organization and every group is its own list. Every list can be segmented, and targeted. Sending beautiful emails has never been this easy.
  • Send beautiful email campaigns to your community
  • Simple HTML email templates (assisted or customized) allow every message to stay on-brand
  • Messaging is integrated with profile information to keep everything instantly current
  • Filter to target your messages to just the right people - using profile fields, relationships and more
  • Schedule your messages to send when you want them too
  • Helpful delivery score to help keep your message from being caught by spam
  • Easily duplicate messages to use for another time or group
  • Email follow-up reports informing you on readership and success of sent messages
  • Subscription management creates opt-out options for your nonprofit and every group
  • Create pre-formatted content to easily add the same information to any email
  • Automated Welcome, Birthday and Anniversary emails there to keep you from forgetting those important days
  • Easy step by step message writing, so each message comes out great
Powerful Built In Email Campaigns With Reporting


Gatherings large and small, easily manage them all.
The face to face time of events is often the critical part of a nonprofit. From building community, fundraising, or volunteering it takes place in events. For ten people or hundreds it's easier than ever to manage, and see who is coming to your events. Track trends, and reach out to those who are slipping through the cracks. Events can be organization wide, or driven by your groups. This makes it simple to empower your group leaders the ability to keep track of their own events.
  • Events for whole nonprofit or groups
  • Recurring Events makes setup quick
  • Track attendance by simply tapping the faces in Fresh Vine
  • Large events go smoothly with the use of the Concierge & Event Kiosk
  • Event outcome info and details for each event
  • Event calendars for you and your members
  • Delegate event management & follow-up to key volunteers
  • Set pre-defined questions or fields for your leaders to fill to review the event
The Best Events Ever With Fresh Vine

Event Kiosk

Enhance your events with the Kiosk check-in system.
Elevate your events with the Event Kiosk desktop application for Windows and MacOS. The Event Kiosk allows you to beautifully welcome your guests. They can check in, print nametags, and everything stays synced with Fresh Vine. Each one of your events can easily design how the Event Kiosk will interact with their event.
  • Use the Event Kiosk to help your events (large and small) go smoothly
  • Have your people check in to your events quickly by using the last few digits of their phone number
  • Tap the faces on the screen of those who are in attendance
  • Check individuals into classes that are occurring during a larger event so you know where everyone is
  • Make use of the Concierge to seamlessly check in visitors not on your roster
  • Print name tags, bag tags and claim labels for your people
  • Customize your Event Kiosk screen to your organization, a specific group, or a specific event
Elevate And Polish Your Nonprofit Events With The Event Kiosk

Concierge Site

Helping your volunteers assist event attendees and guests.
The concierge site allows you to instantly empower your volunteers & staff. Its simplified design is the perfect supplement to the Event Kiosk. The point is to make it easy to create profiles for guests and their families. Beyond that you can search for & edit existing profiles, and have a continually updated event/class roster.
  • Designed as a supplement to the Event Kiosk.
  • Quickly look up who has checked into an event, and which room they’re in
  • Allows you to search for people on your roster
  • Allows you to edit very basic contact info for individuals or families
  • Allows you to very quickly add new individuals or families to Fresh Vine
  • After people are added they can immediately make use of the Event Kiosk to check in, and get a name tag printed
The Concierge Is The Perfect Suppliment To The Event Kiosk


Empower your leaders with what they need.
Groups are one of the clearest ways that Fresh Vine has been tailored for nonprofits. Each group has a roster of individuals picked from the organization wide list. These groups then have their own segmented events, and email campaign tools. Plus we've supercharged group events with attendance follow-up prompts. Everything that happens in a group shows up on a profile.
  • Create groups for small or large gatherings
  • Great for groups, teams, staff, boards, & projects
  • Empower your leaders to manage their own groups
  • Group managers can oversee and manage multiple groups
  • Create different group events depending on how and when the group meets
  • Quickly track attendance for every group event
  • Follow-Up prompts the leader when people miss events
  • Easily send emails to group members (or their spouses, children, parents or siblings)
  • Add Subgroups to further break down the group
  • Group Types let you cluster together similar groups
    Examples: Service, Cohorts, Study, Outreach, Teaching
Groups Empower Your Volunteers To Lead Well


For your regular get togethers and meetings.
Services are a great way to keep tabs on your larger events. Who is coming, who is giving and how much, and how it all changes over time. Use Services with the Event Kiosk to check people in to your classes and services, taking care of the attendance keeping for you!
  • Create recurring Services quickly
  • Create a single Service for a special event
  • Keep attendance in whole numbers or by individual member
  • Set Class-Groups to meet during a Service, so you can keep all attendance data linked
  • Make use of the Event Kiosk with your Services for seamless check-in (both for the large gathering and Classes)
  • Keep notes on how each service went, who spoke and other key information you need
Services Are Swell And A Great Way To Do Things

Community Portal

The simple way for your people to engage.
Everyone in your nonprofit needs a way to access information, and do simple tasks. It might be finding a phone number or email address for someone they met at an event. They may want to increasing their monthly donation. The community portal is the simple way for your community to get things done.
  • Turn the Portal on or off depending on your community needs
  • Filter your roster list before bulk-inviting people to the Portal
  • Specify who on your roster is visible to others in the Portal
  • Include or exclude specific individuals
  • Portal allows your members to view their own personal contact information and giving (if enabled)
  • Portal allows your members to view the roster of those in the community
Community Portal Makes It Easy To Engage Online


Take and make Fresh Vine work for you
You need to be able to make any tool you use work for your nonprofit. From aligning the terms to match those you use, adding logos, and tailoring user access. Fresh Vine makes it easy to customize our membership software to meet your needs.
  • Customize individuals User Access, so your leaders get access to only the areas of Fresh Vine they need
  • Add your organization’s logos, mission statement, and location to brand your Fresh Vine Leaders site, Portal, and emails
  • Customize the names of your People Types
  • Customize fields on profiles - add a text field, date, dropdown list, and yes/no fields
  • Customize Group categories
  • Customize Event followup questions for your leaders
  • Customize Email Templates for your leaders to use - keep your branding unified
  • Customize your email Subject Prefix - so every message sent by you is easily identifiable
  • Customize automated emails for Welcome, Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Customize Giving Templates, funds, ID numbers, contribution methods, and more
  • Create and customize Giving Campaigns
  • Create and customize Giving Pages to raise funds for specific stories
  • Choose which payment provider works best for you

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