This stubborn attitude is part of the bedrock of our American society and it’s often said “no one can do it better than me”.  This drive and striving for the competitive edge is exists behind many successful organizations. Is it then a sign of weakness or an open mind when you realize that you need help to get a task done? The future of Church Management Software is surely on the web, and spectrum of product is wide. It covers very simple systems that will perform a task or two to huge systems that may take a full time data manager.

When I do follow up calls with prospective churches, I love to hear that they have decided to go with us for their Church Management Software. If however, they went with a different company, it is such a help if the church shares the features and benefits they are looking for and why our competition got the order.

The one statement that always puts me back on my heels is, we have decided to make an in house system of our own. We have a couple of members in our church that have some experience in software and will make a custom Chms. Little do they know, for most of the major system in the market today, it takes thousands of hours in programming to bring a software to market.

Much of the Church Management Software today requires relatively small initial financial investments and monthly expense, so from a resource point of view, it makes no sense. Who is going to maintain the software, add the features you want, if your software experts take a new job on the other end of the country? Selecting your new Church Management Software should be one done with an open mind, not the tried and true attitude of, I can do it myself!

Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine