Our passion is to help you succeed in what you are doing. A major way we do that is through building, maintaining, and innovating Fresh Vine. Yet from time to time other opportunities present themselves for us to serve the same purpose through meaningful side projects.

Below you’ll see the projects that we are currently working on. If you have an idea of a way we could give back with our talents and resources please let us know.

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Stories of living the mission of God in Community

Visit MissioGui.de

Intentionality is a crucial and difficult prospect for ministry leaders. With this in mind we built the guide, in partnership with Christian Associates International, to help ministers all over the world. It is designed to do two things: encourage you to live into intentional mission while helping you focus on making disciples of Jesus.

Developed with the help of hundreds of ministers in Europe and North America it is a living project continually being enriched and improved based on the experiences of those on the ground with their hands and hearts doing the difficult work of ministry.