The Genesis of Fresh Vine

A community like yours approached us in the mid 2000’s. They needed better tools to engage, love, and serve those brought into their midst. Since then communities have continued to pursue us to build out our solution to help them care for and engage their community.

Community based organizations live and breathe much like different parts of a garden. As a leader you are constantly tending to your garden; planting, nurturing, pruning, and harvesting within your community. This all happens simultaneously in the lives within your community. It is in this that we come along side you with tools to help you tend your patch of the garden better. Our tools have been developed with leaders all over the world to help you foster participation and help all of the members in your community connect and get involved.

The high calling to positively transform your corner of the world is the base that we build our tools upon. In our small way, we are helping you experience your unfolding work. We are honored and humbled by this, and grateful for each day we are given to impact more lives.


Hundreds of people access Fresh Vine every day from all over the world.


Your community better connected and involved with you, one another, and what amazing things are happening in their midst.

Our Mission

Creating innovative solutions to help you and those involved in your mission transform your broader community while growing your people deeper, more connected, and more numerous.