Your Group Members

Most of your community is involved in a small group or team. You need an effective way to keep track of everyone and communicate with all of your various groups. You can empower your leaders to take ownership in their ministry area and encourage participation and community among those in their care.

Group Events

There are so many group events happening throughout the week, you may not even know about half of them. Now you’re able to go into Fresh Vine, see all groups, events, and who is involved! Your small group leaders can create events, keep their own attendance and be reminded to follow up with group members who have missed several events.


You can trust your small group leaders to email those in their groups with cohesive, beautiful looking email templates! Empower the leaders in your community with intuitive tools that can help foster participation by sending messages to the ones they’re leading. Make sure every member connected to your community feels cared for by sending thoughtful messages.

Track Involvement

Now there isn’t an excuse to not knowing why individuals have missed a few events. Fresh Vine gives you the tools and resources to follow up with those who are involved in your community. After all, it’s all about making the individuals in your community feel cared for and loved. We give you the tools to make those relationships deepen.