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Paul P’s Reflections on 2012

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By: Paul Prins

I am always amazed by how much really happens in a year. Yet my greatest highlight is easy to point out, it was receiving my Masters of Divinity this past spring. After four years of hard study, building out Fresh Vine, working at a few churches, and helping a homeless shelter I had finally received my degree.

It was a deep honor to walk across the stage and receive my degree, joining the ranks of those who have gone before us for hundreds of years. I love that we, at Fresh Vine, get to serve the church and those who have committed their lives to serving others. That I get to serve in the church, while also serving those leading the church is a blessing that is hard to put into words.

Paul Prins

Some would say I’m a bit of an entrepreneur. Under 30 years old, and I have already started 2 companies, having over 15 years of web development experience under my belt. I am most interested in how technology can leverage community and empower leaders. I have a passion for leadership development and teaching, and have received my Masters of Divinity from Bethel Theological Seminary and am on-staff with Christian Associates, an international church-planting movement. I’ve had the privilege of doing ministry with Campus Crusade in France and helped launch one of the fastest growing churches in America – Substance Church. When I have free time I spend time with my wife Jordan, our cat and dog. I have a love for all things coffee and skiing – and if they’re combined, its all the better!

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